K12 Data Management Solutions

K12 Data Management Solutions

K12 Data Management Solutions


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As many school processes consistently rely on inputted data, K12 data management solutions become increasingly necessary. Data management solutions for school districts are important because well-managed data can provide meaningful information. Proper data management can also validate the work performed by schools. For example, correctly stored and validated assessment records can show student performance in a variety of formats or provide an overview of a class' performance as a whole. Moreover, data management yields other non-academic information such as the financial status of school districts.


Proper K12 data management solutions also provide seamlessness in transacting with school processes and improve school district operations. As technology is now a ubiquitous part of any business process, it is proper that schools should be the "initiators" of the use of useful technology and data management techniques. The right data should be focused on establishing the learner's digital profile, including assessments, curriculum content, and each student's individual characteristics. K12 data management solutions ensure that the school districts' goals are achieved through the proper management and use of their data.


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Effective K12 Data Management Solutions


For effective K12 data management solutions, school districts count on Illini Cloud, a non-profit organization of school districts aiming to lower the cost of K12 data management solutions through economy of scale. More than providing reliable K12 data management solutions, enabling districts with the ability to provide existing resources more efficiently is the goal of Illini Cloud, with little overhead and expense for the expansion of additional resources. From data storage to network resources, Illini Cloud provides efficient data management solutions for school districts.


In addition to our data management services, software as a service is provided, including lecture capture and online meeting services. Members of Illini Cloud also benefit from the disaster-recovery facility as part of its K12 data management solutions. Up to 50 GB of free disaster recovery service is provided, including all the software that needs to be replaced. Through our efficient data management solutions, we help school districts revolutionize education through technology and empower students and teachers to perform their best.


Reliable K12 Data Management Solutions


As your school district's provider of reliable K12 data management solutions, Illini Cloud continues to improve your processes with helpful services and technologies, which include the following:



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Inclusive K12 Data Management Solutions


Illini Cloud realizes your need for an all-in-one resource for the management of your school district's important data. That is why our federated services are designed to match your school district's operations so that various systems such as student information systems, faculty grading systems, e-learning systems, HR and financial systems, and other important components of the overall operational framework can work together to yield pertinent information. With proper data management solutions, data and resources of different forms can result in improved efficiency and productivity.


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