K12 Disaster Recovery Services

K12 Disaster Recovery Services

K12 Disaster Recovery Services


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Cloud disaster recovery services are a form of insurance that protects the IT assets of an organization in case of disasters such as those brought about by natural causes or human or computing errors. School districts are using K12 disaster recovery services to enable faster disaster recovery of their critical IT systems without incurring the expenses for an infrastructure at a second physical site. K12 disaster recovery systems usually work by "virtualizing" school services into a single bundle that can be retrieved or recovered at a later point. Data and processes can thus be restored without hassle.


For example, with K12 disaster recovery services, in worst-case scenarios of data loss or disaster situations, an entire virtual server of a school district can be copied or backed up to another device or data center and relaunched on a virtual host in a matter of minutes. In this way, important school processes are not interrupted, and education and instruction may continue. In addition, legal problems can be avoided when disaster recovery services are in place. For example, a student's record can be immediately restored after a disaster, allowing school districts to avoid being charged with negligence.


Robust Disaster Recovery Services for K12


Illini Cloud provides robust disaster recovery systems for school districts to easily and quickly recover from any untoward incident involving their data. With the increasing importance of information technology in the continuation of critical school district functions, protecting a district's data and IT infrastructure in the event of a disruptive situation has become an increasing priority. Illini Cloud has made this priority as its mission. Furthermore, with our adoption of economy of scale, our disaster recovery services are relatively cheaper while other business models pay increasing amounts for such service.


For our K12 disaster recovery services, we provide reliable end-to-end self-service DR/backup for your school district's data. We completely integrate all Microsoft products such as Active Directory, SQL Server, Sharepoint, VMware, Hyper-V, and others. Moreover, all software is included at no additional charge, along with a self-service cloud-based interface. In ensuring redundancy, your backups are automatically spread across three data centers for increased protection. This is how robust our disaster recovery services are when it comes to protecting and recovering your data.


Reliable K12 Disaster Recovery Services


When it comes to disaster recovery services, reliability is the foremost trait that a system should have to maintain data integrity. At Illini Cloud, we offer reliable recovery services in addition to the following:



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Retrieve Your Data


In retrieving your data after an untoward incident, Illini Cloud not only helps you recover from a disaster, but we also make sure that every user access, authentication requirement, data structure, or any of your pertinent entities in the cloud is preserved. In this way, school districts do not have to worry about having to go back to the pen-and-paper recording method of retrieving data such as student records, faculty profiles, and financial statements. With Illini Cloud's disaster recovery services, school districts will find data recovery to be a walk in the park. Our processes and technologies make this possible.


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