K12 Federation and Cloud Services

K12 Federation and Cloud Computing ServicesData integration through K12 federation and cloud services involves connecting authoritative data sources of school districts to a common data storage facility, allowing data to be moved in an automated manner to state reporting and other service providers. With K12 federation and cloud services, school districts seamlessly share data with one another, creating an environment of collaboration and sharing strategic policies. K12 federation and cloud services are a form of cooperation among school districts looking to achieve a common goal.

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K12 Federation and Cloud Services - Illini Cloud


Once pertinent data are identified, cloud services focus on allowing teachers, students, employees, and other stakeholders to be able to pass information to service providers. These data can be analyzed to form strategies that benefit the different school districts. K12 federation and cloud services provide a portal for the easy administration of data, making work easier. This portal includes a multi-faceted app launcher that meets the needs of curricula and instruction. Illini Cloud provides all these through its K12 federation and cloud services.


Reliable K12 Federation and Cloud Services


Illini Cloud is the operator of what is known as the Federated Service Stack (FSS). The business objective of this federated stack featuring K12 federation and cloud services is to establish an operational reference model and an implementation catering to the special needs of the K12 community. These needs can be found in adopting, participating, and leveraging the strengths and advantages, federated identity, centralized data automation services, and the means to access applications that are easily available to the user community supported by a Local Education Authority (LEA or school district).


Illini Cloud's K12 federation and cloud services are designed to match school district operations with different directories, student information systems, financial systems, human resource/faculty profile systems, and other pertinent systems. These federated services are designed to collect information in a standards-based approach for one-time integration that provides real-time synchronization with state reporting, service providers, and similar entities. With Illini Cloud's K12 federation and cloud services, school districts' data can be easily integrated.


Efficient K12 Federation and Cloud Services


Efficient services for education technology can only be provided by those who are directly involved. Illini Cloud's members are actual school districts, so we know what schools need. Illini Cloud also offers the following:



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As a provider of cloud services, Illini Cloud works closely with school districts to determine their needs and priorities. From these, we provide solutions to streamline school district processes such as administrative tasks and classroom instruction. Through our bundled services, efficient processes can be executed, and goals can be achieved seamlessly. Moreover, we solve issues faced by K12 districts by providing solutions such as decreased IT costs, increased efficiency, and enabling technologies. Many school districts are now enjoying the benefits that our services provide. You, too, should become a member.