Tech Services

IlliniCloud Infrastructure as a Service

Let us take care of the hassle of procuring, maintaining, and protecting all of the physical and virtual data center compute infrastructure.

Use only exactly what you need resource wise, no hidden costs.

Backups are INCLUDED in your price.

Easy billing options designed for K12, yearly billing as opposed to monthly.

Worry about your software and school systems no more, and no longer be concerned about the hardware costs, refresh cycles, and maintenance.

IlliniCloud Storage as a Service

Petabytes of storage on tap for any of your needs including virtual machines, unstructured file data, remote dr backups, and archiving.

Block, NAS, REST, S3 protocols available to meet any of your storage access needs.

Traditional disk, all Flash, low cost S3 compatible object store technologies available.

Affordable for K12, and available in performance or capacity optimized versions to meet all your needs.

Easy yearly billing options designed for K12, save money vs on premise or in the public cloud.

IlliniCloud Disaster Recovery

With the increasing importance of information technology for the continuation of critical school district functions the importance of protecting a district's data and IT infrastructure in the event of a disruptive situation has become an increasing and more visible priority.

Reliable end-to-end self-service DR/Backup for your school district's data.

Completely integrated with all Microsoft products such as AD, SQL Server, Sharepoint, VMware, Hyper-V.

All software is included at no additional charge, along with a self service cloud based interface.

Your backups are automatically spread across 3 data centers for increased protection.

Easy yearly billing options designed for K12.

IlliniCloud K12 Federated Services Stack

Federated services are designed to match school district operations that have varied directories, student information systems, financial, HR, etc. These federated services are designed to collect this information in a standards-based approach for one-time integration that provide real-time synchronization with state reporting, service providers and the like. Get started with a no obligation registration in the K12 Federation Registry!

Data - Data is connecting authoritative data sources that districts have to a common data store, allowing for that data to be moved in an automated fashion to state reporting and other service providers.

Identity - Identity is a federated service that allows teachers, students, employees, and anyone with a district login to be able to pass that information on to service providers.

Portal - The Portal is one place to administrate it all, as well as a multifaceted app launcher that meets the needs of curriculum and instruction.

IlliniCloud Membership Includes

Adobe Connect - Included free with IlliniCloud membership, Adobe Connect provides conferencing, mobile learning, live classroom, and distance learning capabilities for your organization.

Camtasia Relay - Included free with IlliniCloud membership, Camtasia relay provides a tool set for lecture capture automatically sending finished recordings to your final on/off premise video solution. Camtasia helps facilitate a flipped classroom style of learning recording what is on your screen with slides, lessons, diagrams, and video.

IlliniCloud Disaster Recovery- With an IlliniCloud membership, 50GB of free disaster recovery service is included, along with all software to get you up and running.