What We Do

We Are K12

Subject Matter Expertise

Our cooperative is based in local school districts. We trust in and have built our foundation on the leaders in our schools' administration. At IlliniCloud we serve students, teachers, and staff on a daily basis. We support our schools and their networks because we have always believed in the power of education. Over the years we have developed a wide array of services that promote the education of teachers and students, all the while integrating state of the art technology into every part of our schools.

Leaders in Thought

We implement strong leaders into environments of community growth: when a trusted educator in the field gets to share their experience with those around them, a community transforms into a network of leaders. We recognize that innovation comes through experience, so our goal is to equip educators with the next level of student engagement. At IlliniCloud this means we wholeheartedly believe in hands-on cooperative learning and instruction on technology use in the classroom.

A Trusted Network

Student achievement is a common goal around here: when we win, our students and community also win. Therefore our partners are not trying to compete with one another but instead desire to find solutions through constructive conversation about building leaders in our classrooms. IlliniCloud partners share their successes so that together we can enable our community to better themselves.

A collaborative workshop model, The Feast is a training series for educators that enhance the way we interact with technology and students inside the classroom setting. Developed with K12 in mind, our teachers begin with:


The Feast allows participants to design projects that can be used within the next academic year or to network with colleagues to better support learning infrastructures. Here at IlliniCloud we want to focus on your classroom needs, so join us for our next Feast to learn more about innovation from your peers and colleagues.

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Simply put, this cooperative is all about the kids. We aspire to see our students engage, collaborate, and serve one another. Here at IlliniCloud we know the value of kids producing and presenting their own work! This is why we gather students at a conference every year called SIT. This is an opportunity for students to put together a professional presentation and gain experience sharing their work. The entire conference is geared toward independently run student presentation from 3rd-12th grade. Registration for SIT 2018 in February is now open! Join us in empowering your students to take charge of their education.

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We ultimately seek to connect communities, with the school district as the starting point of growth and innovation. This is why we founded K12 Federation. When we come across a school district that is providing an amazing K12 experience for their students, we invite them to join us in collaborating to build up other districts. Our industry is not focused on competition but raising a community into maturation. We ask others to help us in order to form a collaborative network for increased access and expertise. The K12 Federation comprises districts from 4 states focused on a sustainable future for public education.

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We seek to provide school districts with a dynamic infrastructure that will procure, maintain, and protect physical and virtual data in a center that is easily accessible for day-to-day use. We also want to provide our partners within each district a service that meets their needs but does not oversaturate resources. We desire to enable the education industry, not compete within it. We want to bring a standard of protection and security to K12 across the country.


In terms of data, it is essential to have securely held and maintained storage. We provide your district with a variety of options to meet your needs. When we partner with a school district, we create a permanent archive that will last over time; cost efficiency and integrated storage allows districts to grow and increase their record-keeping capacity.

Disaster Recovery

Disruptive situations are inevitable with a dynamic network of storage and live usage. We strive for seamless functionality for districts even in the midst of a disruptive situation: security is always a priority for school district networks. Our services include safe and offsite storage for increased security with the future in mind. If systems should fail, there is no cause for panic as we have backups automatically spread across 3 data centers.

Data Protection

Student privacy is a priority as we strive to responsibly handle district information; you own the information, so we are determined to shepherd it well for you. We relentlessly ensure proper privacy and respect privacy policies for sharing that are unique to every school district. Our goal is to suit your needs and make you comfortable in your own office or classroom.